Facials 101: How they work and why go pro

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If there’s anything worse than a bad hair day, it’s a bad face day. Acne, spots, wrinkles, pores – those imperfections can kill your mojo and make you never want to leave the house.

You can cover it up with makeup and avoid eye contact, or you can do something about it! Regular facials keep your skin healthy and radiant, and that confidence lets your inner brilliance shine through.

What exactly is a facial?

The products and techniques vary, but most treatments follow the basic steps of a traditional European facial.

Cleansing and skin analysis

Your esthetician will clean your skin thoroughly, removing all the usual makeup, oil, and grime of daily life. Then she’ll examine your skin closely to determine your skin type, understand your specific concerns, and decide which products are right for you.


A gentle steam relaxes and softens the skin. This helps open up the pores to make extraction easier and help the skin absorb the beneficial products that will be applied later. If you have extremely sensitive skin, your esthetician may skip this step.


This scrubs away dead skin cells, exposing the vibrant skin underneath and boosting the effectiveness of the products that follow since dead skin won’t respond to them. Exfoliation can be done with a physical scrub, which uses small particles to rub off those dead cells, or a chemical scrub that has the same effect, like glycolic or salicylic acid.


This step is sometimes skipped, especially for short treatments, but it’s essential if you suffer from acne or enlarged pores. It involves careful removal of the dirt and oil clogging your pores – a.k.a. pimples and blackheads. This can be a bit painful for people with sensitive skin, and your esthetician should take great care not to hurt you or damage your skin in the process.


Facial massage stimulates blood flow to the skin, which delivers fresh oxygen and nutrients to the cells and flushes out toxins. This is profoundly relaxing, and you may find that your sinuses feel more open afterward.


Your esthetician will apply a mask that targets your specific skin concerns. Masks come in a wide range of formulations that achieve a wide range of results, including drying out acne-prone skin, moisturizing dry skin, reducing pore size, and even filling out fine lines.


After removing the mask, your esthetician will apply other products to treat your skin concerns, usually a serum and perhaps additional creams or gels. You leave these products on the skin to let them continue working even after you leave the salon.

What makes a great facial?

Anybody can follow these steps to do a DIY facial at home, but the results won’t measure up.  Skin is delicate, and unless you’re a skincare nerd who has studied your skin problems in depth, you could easily cause damage. Over-exfoliation can irritate sensitive skin, and amateur extraction can lead to broken capillaries and infected pores. Sorting through the endless variety of cleansers, masks, and serums is no simple feat either, and good stuff isn’t cheap.

A qualified esthetician is trained to understand your skin and give it exactly what it needs, and she can do it more safely and effectively than you can at home. When you walk out of a professional facial feeling relaxed and radiant, you’ll know it was worth the investment.

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Rob Taormina