You know that cold temperatures are a common treatment for pain. Injuries call for ice packs, sore athletes recover with ice baths, and doctors even treat nerve pain with extreme cold.

But did you know that chilling your whole body for a short period can not only reduce pain, but also help boost your metabolism, athletic performance, energy, and mood?

How it works

Whole body cryotherapy was developed in Japan in 1978, and its use has slowly spread around the world. It has become more popular in the US as athletes and celebrities have revealed their positive experiences using the technique for improving performance and losing weight.

In partial- or whole-body cryotherapy, you spend 1-3 minutes in special chamber or room that is filled with super-chilled gas, as cold as -200° Fahrenheit. With a partial-body treatment your head and hands are usually not chilled, but whole-body treatments include everything.


The people of cold climates have long recognized the benefits of short periods of extreme cold for vitality and longevity. Now you can experience them for yourself!

Reduces pain

Cold reduces inflammation, which can relieve the pain of soreness, injury, and arthritis. It also increases blood flow, promoting healing by delivering fresh nutrients to your cells and flushing out toxins and waste. This is excellent for people with conditions like rheumatoid arthritis and other kinds of joint pain.

Boosts metabolism and weight loss

Cold boosts your metabolism by forcing your body to work extra hard to stay warm, burning many extra calories to maintain your body temperature. Like other extremes, such as fasting, it shocks the body into a higher metabolism regime, and the effects continue long after you leave the chamber.

Strengthens athletic performance

Many athletes swear by cryotherapy for faster recovery and strength building. It accelerates the process of healing the tiny muscle tears that result from intense exercise, and it has helped countless professional athletes play at the top of their game. Because the period of immersion is short, the muscles don’t freeze up the way they do in an ice bath, and you can begin exercising normally immediately after treatment.

Improves mood

Extreme cold triggers the release of endorphins, the same hormones behind the famous runner’s high. At the same time, levels of cortisol, one of the hormones associated with stress, fall. That’s why cryotherapy has been used as a drug-free solution for people looking for a mood and energy boost.

Safety first

Immersing the body in extreme cold is serious business – if done without the supervision of experienced professionals, it can result in permanent damage, such as frostbite. For first-timers, the shock can be considerable, and some can’t tolerate the full recommended treatment length on their first go. Certain people should avoid cryotherapy altogether, including pregnant women and those with some chronic medical conditions.

That’s why it’s so important to do it with a highly qualified provider who can show that they have the proper equipment and training to keep you safe. Become MedSpa in Woodbury, NY has the best technology and continuous supervision by a board-certified physician to ensure that you have a safe, healing cryotherapy experience. Call 516-224-4850 or click here to make an appointment today.

Rob Taormina