Why SculpSure is the best way to lose stubborn fat


You care about your body. You try to eat well and exercise regularly, but it doesn’t have any effect on the fat that bothers you the most. It seems like only the most extreme diet and workout regime would get you into the shape you really want, but between the demands of work and family, who has time for that? Maybe supermodels and fitness gurus, but not you.

You’re not the only one. The fact is, even perfectly healthy people have stubborn fat deposits that stick around no matter what, and age only makes it harder to fix. Men get that notorious gut, and women suffer flabby tummies, thighs, and upper arms, especially after having kids.

There is a variety of treatments for this kind of fat, but one is emerging as the best option for slimming down those target areas. It’s called SculpSure, and it’s a non-invasive laser procedure that can reduce fat in the target area by up to 25% in just one treatment, with natural-looking results and no recovery time.

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How SculpSure works

The SculpSure device is like a belt, with several pads that attach to your skin and can be arranged to target your specific problem areas. The pads send laser pulses with the precise wavelength to target the adipose in your fat cells. Those cells overheat and die while other tissues remain unharmed. At the same time, the Contact Cooling system keeps your skin cool, reducing discomfort during the procedure.

There is no downtime afterwards, so you can go straight back to your normal activities. You may feel a little sore, but this fades within a few days. The body naturally eliminates the dead cells over several weeks, leaving you with a naturally slimmed-down look.

Why it beats the competition

Liposuction is the classic solution for fat that resists diet and exercise, but it’s an invasive procedure. It must be done by a plastic surgeon, who opens small incisions in the skin and inserts a tube to suction out excess fat.

Because it’s surgery, liposuction costs more and comes with more serious side effects than a noninvasive procedure like SculpSure. For people who want to remove a large amount of fat over a wide area, liposuction may be more effective, but for many patients it’s not worth the risk and expense.

CoolSculpting is similar to SculpSure in that it’s also noninvasive, but it freezes the fat cells to kill them instead of heating them. They are both FDA-approved to treat the same areas.

The problem with freezing is that the effect doesn’t spread gradually from the treatment area the way heat does with SculpSure. This can lead to less natural-looking results in some cases, because the transition between the treated and untreated areas isn’t perfectly smooth. Also, the procedure takes twice as long (50 minutes vs. 20-30) and requires additional time to massage the frozen tissues before you can get back to your day.

If you think SculpSure could be right for you, contact Become Medspa to learn more from our experienced doctor and aestheticians.

Rob Taormina