Become Medspa is celebrating its first birthday!


This week marks one year since Become Medspa opened its doors and began offering skin and body services of highest quality. To celebrate, we’re looking back at our origins, our journey so far, and what lies ahead this year!

Empathy comes first

Become Medspa’s founder knows skin trouble first hand. Her acne controlled her life for years. She wouldn’t go out in the sun or put her hair back for fear of revealing her skin in public, and she constantly worried that people would judge her by her appearance. It was almost impossible to be confident when she felt unattractive and self-conscious all the time.

So many doctors – from New York, other states, and even other countries – promised results, but nothing ever worked. Some wouldn’t even touch her face out of fear of damaging it further. Even after spending thousands of dollars, she was stuck in the same situation, often crying herself to sleep in desperation.

What always bothered her the most about the doctors was their lack of empathy. She felt uncomfortable with them, and they never seemed to understand what having severe acne meant for her emotionally. Finally, she couldn’t stand to see one more doctor. She called it quits and promised that she would never let anyone feel the way she did.

A safe space and treatment that works

After five years of due diligence, Become Medspa was born. She attended seminars and webinars, spoke with hundreds of representatives of skin care companies, took laser classes, studied skin care products and treatments, and did everything possible to provide services that would fulfill their promises.

We know that when you are insecure about that wrinkle, line, blemish, brown spot, or extra weight gain, it isn’t just an aesthetic issue – it hinders your growth as a person. Instead of living in the present, you constantly worry about who can see and judge you. It becomes hard to fully enjoy life.

That’s why we created a safe haven where people would not feel afraid to share their fears and insecurities. We help fix what is bothering you on the outside, so you can focus on becoming who you are truly meant to be on the inside.

Become Medspa is a family

We have achieved so much over the last year. Our technology and skin care products are the best available, our supervising physician ensures that our patients receive the right care, and our staff are dedicated to creating a peaceful atmosphere that is welcoming to all.

We’re especially proud of our clients, whose lives have been transformed by their treatments here. They find that inner glow that comes when you are truly confident in yourself! Some even stop by just to have a cup of tea and update us on their lives because they know that Become is a home away from home.

We provide the best possible services, but what makes Become Medspa truly special is that we truly care about every single person who walks through our door. We feel honored that you choose us to be part of the journey to become the best version of you in your own eyes.

Join the family!

Soon we’ll be introducing brand new membership opportunities, and don't forget about the amazing Black Friday weekend offers. Now is the perfect time to become part of the growing Become Medspa family!

Rob Taormina