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  • Become Radiant...$285=$225
    • Signature Facial
    • Dermaplane
    • X-Small Laser hair Removal Session


  • Become Transformed...$499=$400
    • Photofacial or Skin Tyte
    • X-Small Laser 
    • BioCellulose Mask


  • Become More Clear...$549=$499
    • Forever Clear BBL Photofacial
    • Become Clear with Hydroquinone and Resourcinol

Laser Hair Removal Testimonial

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What is a facial like?

  • Carolina Real

    ..."It's like the Dry Bar of Lasers!"

    Before I went to Become MedSpa I was confused about all the different types of laser treatments. I couldn't understand which treatment would be right for me. But the Become MedSpa menu makes it so easy to understand what they treat and how much they cost! I started with a HydraFacial. The aesthetician was very knowledgeable and made me feel comfortable…and when I asked about lasers, she explained exactly what my skin needed: one type of laser to help eliminate brown spots, and another resurfacing laser treatment that could make my whole face look brighter... and the easiest thing, they are all the same price! My skin was glowing when I was done, and I couldn’t be happier. Become MedSpa makes it simple, easy and affordable to get great skin. “It’s like going to “The Dry Bar of Lasers!”

    Nov 15, 2017

  • Dimple Mewani

    ..."Become MedSpa makes staying on a skincare routine easy!"

    “I always knew about skin care treatments, but I’d never heard of a skin care membership until I went to Become MedSpa. I had the pleasure of having a HydraFacial there, and the staff was so friendly and informative. When I asked about their membership program, they explained memberships are designed for people who have trouble sticking to a skincare routine. Treatments and procedures are scheduled on a monthly basis and adjusted month to month according to how my skin is looking that month—all for a great price. It just makes so much sense, and it makes staying on the skincare program much easier. I would strongly recommend Become MedSpa. Now it’s part of my routine!”

    Nov 15, 2017




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