+ Sonia Soni
Founder & CEO

I opened Become MedSpa to help you become your best, most beautiful self and to educate you on your skin and body as a whole. My goal is to help treat your concerns, educate you on how to prevent them from reoccurring, and help you maintain your results....

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As the owner of Become MedSpa, I take pride in forming the best and most memorable experience for each person who walks through my doors. By being present from the start of your journey, I aim to build a feeling of safety and trust with every person who is a part of Become. I designed Become Medical Spa to be an escape and safe haven from the chaos of everyday life so you can leave feeling happy, confident, and more beautiful than ever.

I received my undergraduate degree in Psychology and my MBA in Business Management; however, my passion for aesthetic medicine began years ago when I was suffering from skin concerns that diminished my self-confidence and kept me from experiencing my life to the fullest. Aesthetic medicine gave me the confidence to live my life without feeling vulnerable about my previous skin struggles. And that is when Become was born.


+ Galia Melgarejo:

Galia was first drawn to esthetics by the idea that she could make anyone feel as beautiful on the outside as they do on the inside.

While working as an esthetician for the past several years, she has continually pursued advanced esthetics training through training classes and practical experience. She loves every aspect of her career and believes that working at Become Medspa has helped her to continue to nurture that passion.

Stemming from a desire to integrate wellness and skincare, she firmly believes that when we care for ourselves internally it will be reflected externally. Radiant skin can be achieved through proper hydration, nutrition, and exercise. She prides herself on her individually designed treatment programs that give her patient's skin the proper treatments for optimal results. She firmly believes she has been so fortunate to have found her passion in life and she absolutely loves what she does.

+ Isis Penna:

Isis has earned her license through New York institute of beauty. She is experienced in laser technology and specializes in creating treatment plans to make our patients look and feel their best.

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When Isis is not in the office, she enjoys going to seminars to keep up with the latest skincare and training. Her friends support her passion and often go to her for makeovers and skin care tips.